About Us

With over a decade of experience working with retention in the online gambling industry, we know how to legally and responsibly gamble online, and how reducing harm long-term will generate a more enjoyable gambling experience. 

We see the mistakes the North American operators are currently making, with a lot of focus on First Deposit campaigns. Hence, our goal is to help players in the United States understand the value and how-tos of state-legal retention campaigns offered by online operators, like loyalty programs and bonus offers.

In our Online Gamblers Academy, we take our audience on a journey of the best regulated online operators, their most profitable offers and the latest gambling industry news. We will break down the operator’s marketing terms and conditions, share our operator competitor analysis and serve you with inside views from influential industry events.

Online Gamblers’ website and social media are content-driven, with original articles and videos from in-depth research and reporting from Catie Di Stefano and Liga Tarasova, which is fact-checked by Kent Eide and approved by Havard Lehn. Together, the four OG members have over 40 years of experience in the online gambling industry.