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Tue Sep 13, 2022
  • Updates on Disney sports betting app

    Disney has confirmed the company is developing ESPN sports betting app. Speaking at Disney’s D23 fan event in Anaheim, California, Walt Disney Group CEO Bob Chapek confirmed the plans. Chapek noted that data from Disney’s younger customers revealed a desire for sports betting. These comments were then echoed by ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro in June 2022, who suggested sports betting was a “must-have” area of development.Disney ESPN

    Chapek added: “Sports betting is a part of what our younger, say, under-35 sports audience is telling us they want as part of their sports lifestyle.” Last month, a New York-based hedge fund called on Disney to spin off ESPN as a separate business to help support its sports betting aspirations. Third Point CEO and chief investment officer Daniel Loeb said: “ESPN would have greater flexibility to pursue business initiatives that may be more difficult as part of Disney, such as sports betting. “Customers of ESPN and sports leagues would be better served by a focused management team driving a leadership position in sports distribution.”

    At Disney’s D23 event, Chapek revealed he had received around 100 inquiries from interested parties. Reflecting on the worth of the ESPN business, Chapek remarked: “If you have a house that you’re going to put up for sale and you have a hundred buyers, you’ve probably got a pretty cool house.”

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    DraftKings partners up with DJ Steve Aoki

    Steven Hiroyuki Aoki, best known as Steve Aoki, is an American DJ, record producer, music programmer, record executive, and heir to his father Rocky Aoki’s fortune from the Benihana restaurant franchise. He is a two-time Grammy nominee and the official brand ambassador of DraftKings Marketplace.Draftkings Steve Aoki

    Aoki will help with DraftKings’ Web3 efforts with an emphasis on the Reignmakers franchise. It is an NFT-based fantasy sports series in which players collect NFT player cards. Afterward they can draft a lineup to play in a fantasy-style game. The first collection, in collaboration with Aoki, will release tomorrow, 14 September, entitled the Aoki 2022 All-Star Access Pass. Customers who purchase the collection will also receive special access to private Reignmakers Football contests during the 2022 season.

    Also, DraftKings and Aoki will work together to create other NFT collections. In addition, customers who purchase Aoki’s collections will be eligible for special prizes. This will include VIP events hosted by DraftKings and tickets to Aoki’s future concerts. Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder and president of DraftKings North America, said: “Steve Aoki is globally recognized for his contributions to the music industry and, more recently, for his involvement with digital collectibles. I am excited to welcome him to the DraftKings family. “Having him on board will provide us with a refreshing perspective for future, community-driven projects, and I look forward to bringing new experiences to our customers and to Steve’s fans,” Kalish added.

    Aoki commented: “I am excited to be working with DraftKings to build out the next generation of fantasy sports.”

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    The Los Angeles Times votes against sports betting

    The California-based newspaper suggests that competing propositions are a “bad bet” for the Golden State. In the article posted over the weekend, the newspaper slammed the rise in sports betting across the US. It claimed it was fuelling gambling addiction among groups including high school students.

    The newspaper suggested that by allowing sports betting, the state would fuel its own addiction-based culture. They wrote, “If the companies that own betting platforms and the tribes that run casinos have their way, California will be the next state to embrace this foolish scheme.”

    What do proposition 26 and 27 stand for?

    Proposition 26 allows in-person sports betting at racetracks and tribal casinos. It requires that racetracks and casinos that offer sports betting make certain payments to the state—such as to support state regulatory costs. The proposition also allows additional gambling—such as roulette—at tribal casinos.

    Proposition 27 allows tribes or gambling companies to offer online sports betting. It requires tribes and gambling companies that offer online sports betting to make certain payments to the state for specific purposes. Including support state regulatory costs and address homelessness.

    In respect of Proposition 26, the tribal-backed initiative, the L.A. Times said that while it avoids the pervasiveness of gaming. And allowing sports betting at racetracks would “prop up a cruel industry that has waning public support.”

    California sports betting

    Add, Proposition 27 also faced flak from the newspaper over claims it would solve homelessness in the state. “Taxes from sports betting would provide an ongoing source of funding, but the amount may not wind up being a game-changer. “What’s worse, it’s possible that legalizing an addictive form of gambling could lead more people into penury and needing government services, which would erode how much the state actually nets,” it added.

    Californians are due to vote on both competing propositions on November 8, with a furious round of TV, radio, and online campaigning taking place to compete for voters.

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