Online Casino Bonus 2021

New Zealand friendly online casinos share a lot of similarities as they need to cater to the tastes and gaming preferences of Kiwi layers. One of the most common features is bonus offers.
You will not find a single New Zealand friendly online casino that doesn’t offer bonuses – and this page tells you everything you need to know about online casino bonuses.

Online casino bonus

You will find several types of bonuses at online casinos, including cashback offers, free spins or extra spins, free bonus money, bonus cash, and so on. But all bonuses have a common definition. A bonus is a gift of money or free spins that online casinos give you either to get you as their customer or to retain you as their customer.

Kiwi players have mixed feelings about bonuses. While some players just love bonuses others are happier without them. Fans of online casino bonuses say that bonuses allow them to play high-stakes games without risking their money and win bigger prizes.

Players who avoid bonuses say that, although casino bonuses look and sound attractive, they have some ugly terms and conditions, which is why it is best to avoid them. We will talk about these bonus terms and conditions later.

Let us first have a look at the different types of bonuses offered at online casinos.

Types of Casino Bonuses

You will find several types of bonuses at online casinos, ranging from free spins to cash bonuses. The following is a brief introduction to four major varieties of bonuses:

Deposit Bonuses

This is a bonus you receive on the amount you deposit in your casino gaming account. Also known as matched bonuses, it is a percentage of your deposit amount that the online casino gives you as a bonus.

Commonly available at all online casinos, deposit bonuses come in the form of first deposit bonuses, second deposit bonuses, third deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, promotional bonuses, and so on.

Depost bonus

To claim a deposit bonus, you have to make the qualifying deposit. For example, if you deposit $10 at an online casino that offers a deposit bonus of 100% up to $100, you will receive a bonus of $10, making it a total of $20 in your account. If you deposit $100, you will receive $100, the maximum you can receive as a bonus.

Let us have a look at some of the common varieties of deposit bonuses:

First Deposit Bonus – Also known as welcome bonus, it is a percentage of your first deposit amount that the online casino gives you as a bonus. When you claim a first deposit bonus, you get a lot of extra money to use on the online casino games.

Reload Bonuses – Also known as second or third or fourth deposit bonuses, these are smaller in size. For example, you may receive reload bonuses of 50% up to a certain amount at an online casino. In this case, you will receive a bonus of $5 on a deposit of $10, making it a total of $15 in your account.

Promotional Bonuses – Online casinos are in the habit of giving away weekly or weekend deposit bonuses to please their existing customers. All you have to do is log in to your gaming account at the weekend or on certain days of the week and make a qualifying deposit to claim your bonus.

Free Spins

The second most common variety of bonuses available at online casinos is free spins. Also known as extra spins, they allow you to play slots without risking your money and to win real money prizes.

Usually, you have to place one real money bet to spin the reels of a slot once. You may or may not win a prize on that spin. If you want to spin the reels again, you have to place another bet. When an online casino gives you free spins on a certain slot, you can spin the reels of that slot for free and win real money prizes.

Here is a list of the common types of free spins available at online casinos:

• Deposit Free Spins – As the name suggests, you don’t have to make a qualifying deposit to claim your free spins. Just sign up at an online casino and log in to your gaming account to find them waiting for you in your account.

• Deposit Free Spins – Sometimes, online casinos throw in a few free spins along with deposit bonuses. For example, you may get a few free spins on a featured slot or slots along with your first deposit bonus.

• Promotional Offers – Online casinos may offer free spins as promotional offers to popularize a slot or to get players interested in a brand new slot.

No Deposit Bonuses

Although online casinos are wary about offering no deposit bonuses because players tend to take unfair advantage of them, you still find them at top-rated online casinos. As the name suggests, these are bonuses that don’t require a qualifying deposit, and they come in the form of cash or free spins.
The following is a list of common varieties of no deposit bonuses at online casinos:

• No Deposit Sign Up Bonuses – The online casino gives you a gift of cash or free spins just for signing up and logging in to your account. This bonus doesn’t require a qualifying first deposit. You just have to register and log in.

Loyalty bonus

• No Deposit Free Spins – This is a gift of free spins, which you can claim without having to make a qualifying deposit. You have to use your free spins on a slot or slots specified by the online casino. You can withdraw your free spins after meeting the wagering requirements, which we will talk about later on this page.

• No Deposit Free Cash – Instead of free spins, the online casino may give you a small gift of cash, which you can use on a game or games specified by the online casino. You can withdraw your prizes after making a deposit and meeting the wagering requirements.

• Free Play Bonus – This is a new variety of bonuses, which you will find only at a few casinos. The online casino gives you a large no-deposit welcome bonus and challenges you to use it for one hour on any game of your choice and win as many prizes as possible. You can withdraw part of your winnings after meeting the bonus terms & conditions.
For example, you may receive $500 from the online casino along with 60 minutes to spend it on your favourite online casino games and win prizes.

• Loyalty Bonuses – Online casinos pamper their loyal players with free spins on their best slots. You just have to level up to qualify for your reward. Instead of free spins, online casinos may also offer bonus cash or special deposit bonuses as loyalty rewards.

No-deposit bonuses are very popular among online casino players because they allow them to try out the games without having to make a deposit. In other words, you get a free trial of the online casino.

If you don’t like what you see and experience, you are free to leave. If you wish to stay on after exhausting your no deposit bonus, you have to make a deposit and satisfy the wagering requirements of the no-deposit bonus you just used.

Cashback Bonuses

Designed to reduce the risk of gambling at online casinos, cashback bonuses are available at all top-rated online casinos. To receive a cashback, you have to make a qualifying deposit and lose it all while using it on online casinos. You then qualify for a cashback bonus from the online casino.

For example, online casinos may offer 10% cashback on your busted deposits. If you deposit $100 and bust it, you will receive $10 as a cashback bonus. This bonus may or may not have any wagering requirements.

Online casinos may offer cashback every day, week, or month. Let us consider a weekly cashback bonus. You get a percentage of your busted deposits of the week as bonus, and the online casino faithfully credits it to your account on a certain day of the week and at a certain time.

Bonus Terms and Conditions – Wagering Requirements

As we have already hinted, online casino bonuses are not free. You cannot just receive a bonus, withdraw it, and log out of your gaming account. Online casinos give you bonuses with a purpose. They want you to log in frequently and use the bonus on the online casino games. That’s why bonuses are associated with strict terms and conditions.

Casino bonus terms and conditions

These terms are available in fine print either at the bottom of the bonus offer in the online casino’s promotions section or on separate pages called “Bonus Terms” or “Promotional Terms.”

We encourage New Zealand players to read the bonus terms carefully before claiming a bonus as it can save them from disappointment and conflicts with the online casino in the future. Knowing the terms and conditions also helps you to make the most of the casino bonus.
This section of the page is dedicated to wagering requirements.

So what are wagering requirements? They are multiplier values denoting the number of times you have to play through or rollover or turn over or wager the bonus amount or the bonus plus deposit amount before cashing out your bonus winnings.

Most new players who claim bonuses are unaware of wagering requirements, yet they are the most important part of a casino bonus offer.

Let us try to understand wagering requirements with the help of an example. Let us assume that you claimed a deposit bonus of 100% up to $100. You deposited $10 and received a bonus of $10, making it a total of $20 in your account. You also won $25 while using your bonus money on the online casino games.

Now, you cannot withdraw your winnings of $25 right away. You have to first satisfy the wagering requirements of 30x your bonus amount. This means that you have to wager 30x$10 or $300 before you can request a cashout.

How do wagering requirements work in case of free spins? Let us again take an example. Let us assume that you claimed 10 free spins on a specific slot and won $20. Your $20 now becomes bonus money and you cannot withdraw it without satisfying the wagering requirement of 30x. This means that you have to playthrough your bonus money 30 times or 30x$20 or $600 before you can cash out your $20.

Wagering requirements are a source of disappointment to many new players. Usually, players feel that it is not possible to meet the wagering requirements. While it cannot be denied that some online casinos have unreasonable wagering requirements, licensed and reputed online casinos offer bonuses that are quite easy to clear.

Many smart players use bonuses to boost their bankrolls. You just have to study the bonus terms & conditions carefully to be able to make the most of your bonus.

Here is a list of other bonus terms and conditions you ought to consider before claiming a bonus:

• Bonuses may not be available to players from all countries because of the gambling regulations in those countries.

• If you use certain currencies or payment methods, you may not be eligible to receive a bonus.

• You have to make a minimum qualifying deposit to claim a deposit bonus.

• You have to meet the wagering requirements before the bonus expires and that could be anywhere between seven days and 90 days depending on the casino’s bonus policy.

• You cannot withdraw all your bonus winnings, but only up to an amount specified by the online casino. This is called max cashout.

• You cannot place bets higher than the amount specified by the online casino. This amount is $5 at most online casinos.

• You cannot combine two or more bonus offers at the online casino.

• The online casino gives away only one bonus per player, per account, per IP address. Creating multiple accounts to claim the same bonus many times is bonus abuse and the online casino reserves the right to confiscate your bonus and bonus winnings and to freeze your account if it finds you guilty of bonus abuse.

• If you request a cashout without meeting the wagering requirements, the online casino will confiscate whatever is left of your bonus and your bonus winnings.

• Some online casinos have wagering requirements that require you to playthrough not only your bonus amount but also your bonus plus deposit amount. For example, if you claimed a bonus of $10 with a wagering requirement of 30x on a deposit of $20, you have to play through your bonus plus deposit amount or $30 thirty times, making it a total of $900, before you can cash out your winnings.

If you don’t understand the terms & conditions of the bonus you want to claim, don’t hesitate to contact a customer support agent and ask for clarifications. Avoid bonuses with unreasonable terms and objectionable clauses. If you feel that you will not be able to clear a bonus, just don’t claim it.

No reputed online casino forces its customers to claim its bonuses. You are free to opt out of a casino bonus if you don’t want to receive it. You just have to let customer support know before making the qualifying deposit.

Bonus Wagering Requirements – Game Contributions

So how exactly do you clear a bonus or meet its wagering requirements? It’s quite simple. You just wager real money on the games.

Casino bonus

However, you must know that bets placed on all games don’t contribute to clearing your bonus. What’s more, the bets you place on some games contribute fully (100%) towards meeting the wagering requirements while certain games contribute partly (10% – 50%) towards the same. You will find details of game contributions in the online casino’s “Bonus Terms” section.

Once you have carefully read the bonus terms and conditions, you will know how each game contributes to the wagering requirements. The bonus money you wager on slots contributes 100% to wagering requirements at most casinos. However, bets placed on table games with a low house edge such as blackjack contribute as little as 10%.

For example, if you bet on games that contribute only 50%, you have to play longer to meet the wagering requirements than if you bet on slots that contribute 100%. In this case, it may take you longer to satisfy the wagering requirements.

You must also note that some games are just excluded. If you place bets on excluded games, the online casino reserves the right to remove the bonus from your account. Usually, excluded games are online slots with exceptionally high RTPs.

Online Casino Balance – Bonus Funds and Deposits

When you register at an online casino, you will receive an account with two parts—bonus balance and deposit balance. Your deposits go into the deposit balance and your bonus goes into the bonus balance.

You can withdraw the funds in your deposit balance any time you wish. However, you cannot withdraw the money from your bonus balance. Once you meet the playthrough requirements, the online casino will move your bonus winnings into your deposit balance, from which you can withdraw them.

When you receive a bonus from your online casino, you have to first use your qualifying deposit. Once you have exhausted your qualifying deposit, you can start using your bonus funds. If you win a large prize while using your qualifying deposit, you are at an advantage because you will find it very easy to clear the wagering requirements.

What if you make a deposit and choose not to receive a bonus on it? The online casino still wants you to use your deposit for wagering purposes. You have to play through your deposit amount 1 – 3 times before requesting a payout.

If you withdraw a deposit that you never used for wagering purposes, you have to pay the online casino a commission. Usually, this commission is 10% of your deposit amount at most casinos.

How to Find a Good Casino Bonus in 2021

Are you a bonus hunter who is continually on the lookout for lucrative casino bonus offers?

If so, you have to first learn the fine art of reading the bonus terms before concluding if a bonus is worth claiming. Not all casino bonuses are good. A big bonus need not necessarily be a good bonus especially if it comes with unreasonable playthrough terms.

If you find vague clauses that even the customer support agents cannot satisfactorily explain, avoid the bonus and the online casino offering it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search as we have already listed the best casino bonuses of 2021. Rest assured that we research each bonus offer well before listing and recommending it. You just have to choose one of them.

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